She was named for Merritton , Ontario the modification having been suggested by the town council. Commissioned at Quebec City on November 10, 1944, she arrived at Halifax in mid December and sailed to Bermuda for a months workups.

On her return Merrittonnia was assigned to EG C-7 and left St Johns on February 7 to meet the group which Was westbound with convoy ON.283 from Britain.

Thereafter continuously employed on North Atlantic convoy duty, she left Londonderry for the final time at he beginning of June, 1945. She was paid off on july 11 and laid up at Sorel for disposal. Purchased by K.C. Irving Ltd, Moncton on November 16,1945, she was wrecked on the Nova Scotia coast on November 30.

Laid Down: 23-Nov-43Type: Corvette Weapons: 1-4″ Gun, 1-2 pdr, 2-20mm, HedgehogLength: 208.3 ft.
Launched: 24-Jun-44Class: Revised FLOWER (1943-44 Program) Pendant Width: 33.1 ft.
Commissioned: 10-Nov-44Hull Number: K688Draught: 11 ft.
Paid Off: 11-Jul-45Displacement: 970 tonnes Top Speed: 16
Number of Officers: 6Builder: Morton Engineering and Dry Dock Co., Quebec CityNumber of Crew: 79