The following is an explanation of the emblems of The Royal Canadian Legion. It is important that new Legion members be aware of their meaning and significance.

THE NATIONAL FLAG OF CANADA – represents our country throughout the world. The red and white are the colours of Canada. The Maple Leaf has been regarded as a Canadian Emblem since 1700. Since it’s inauguration in 1965, it has flown over Canada during the Gulf War, the Afghanistan War on Terrorism and many United Nations and NATO Missions.

THE CANADIAN RED ENSIGN – holds a special place in the hearts and minds of veterans and all Canadians. The 1922 to 1957 version flew over Canada during World War II, the Korean War, the reigns of George V and George VI, and the Coronation of Elizabeth II.

THE ROYAL UNION FLAG – more commonly called the Union Jack, is a symbol of Canada’s membership in the Commonwealth of Nations and of her allegiance to the Crown and our affiliation with the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League (RCEL).

THE BLOOD RED POPPY OF FLANDERS – is immortalized as an emblem of sacrifice and Remembrance for the honouring of the thousands who laid down their lives for those ideals which we, as Canadians, cherish. The Poppy calls upon us to remember not only those who have died, but also those they left dependent and those who still suffer from honourable wounds and disabilities. The Poppy challenges us to serve in peace, as in war, to help those who need our help and to protect those who need our protection.

THE TORCH – is symbolic of justice, honour and freedom for which our comrades fought and died. We who are left must pledge ourselves to hold it high lest we break faith with those who died.

OUR BADGE – is a symbolic badge.

OUR PLEDGE AND MOTTO – Memoriam Eorum Retinebimus (We Will Remember Them) – is in the outside circle. It is in Latin, a language generally used on badges, crests and banners of national and military emblems.

THE WORD LEGION – in gold, and the background in blue represents the official colours of the Legion.

THE CROWN – is the St. Edward Crown used by the Sovereign.

THE RED MAPLE LEAF – on a white background is derived from the Canadian coat of arms.

THE POPPY – is the symbol of Remembrance.